Losing 200 lb. in 2 years!

For those of you not familiar with Philip McCluskey, he's a sweet loving guy on a mission. A mission to share his story with the masses of how he was able to transform his life and follow his dreams all by eating live foods. Philip tried every diet known to man and as a last resort out of frustration, looked into getting gastric bypass surgery. After waiting months for the approval of the operation and finally being cleared, Philip heard an inner voice inside that said, wait, there's got to be something I missed, one more thing I haven't tried. That's when Philip came across live foods and his whole life changed miraculously for the better. He was able to lose an astonishing 200 lb. over the course of two years.

At this time Philip is touring the U.S. to spread the word about the power of eating raw foods and how it lead to his personal transformation. His latest appearance was on national tv on a show called ' The Doctors '. The highlight is when he comes out onto the stage holding up an old pair of his pants, which now could fit three of him. The best part of this for me is that Philip is showing people that it's not about shedding pounds with the latest quick fix pill or through deprivation, but rather going about it for the two most important reasons, your health and happiness.

Way to go Philip and thanks to Dhrumil for the bootleg clip! If someone like Philip can do do this, anyone can, because he's just like the rest of, the only difference is that he took action. I encourage you to take action in your life, no matter how small. Everything begins with baby steps. Focus on the present moment and as my mother always says, "take it one day at a time."

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50 Years Old & Loving Raw!


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