Cantaloupe Smoothie Recipe

I love the simplicity of eating fresh fruit and especially blending it into smoothies. Lately I've been drinking this daily after my 15-20 mile bike rides. It really hits the spot after riding in the warm sun. A refreshing and frothy drink to revive yourself on a hot summer day or after a hard workout! So simple yet so delicious.

Cantaloupe Smoothie Recipe


* 1 whole cantaloupe
* 3-5 ice cubes

1. Cut cantaloupe in half, scoop out seeds, and remove skin. Cut into chunks and place in high speed blender with ice cubes and blend.

Suggestions: Try adding fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice and fresh ginger root to taste (careful, a little goes a long way).

For more easy and delicious recipes: Check out my island paradise smoothie recipe here and coconut cream pudding here.

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Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Almond butter, coconut, banana ice cream topped w/ fresh white nectarines

Nowadays we don't even need to be concerned about still being able to enjoy our favorite pastime foods. Ice cream, mint chocolate chip in particular was something I enjoyed immensely. Since going vegan seven and a half years ago, I haven't missed it since. In fact I love the banana ice cream so much, that I wanted to share the simplicity of it with you. Cool off with this simple and refreshing recipe, even for the novice.

Banana Ice Cream


2 bananas frozen, with peel off

1. Take bananas out of the freezer and place on counter, allowing to thaw for 15 minutes or until soft enough to be able to cut in 1 inch chunks.

2. Place the cut up chunks in the food processor and turn on. The mixture should start to whip up and come together. If the processor has trouble moving the mixture then you will need to allow the bananas more time to thaw off. You should end up with a creamy whipped consistency. You can either scoop out as is from here or add your additional toppings. Serve and enjoy immediately. Remember it's not like traditional ice cream where you can leave it out for a while. It will start to melt, so eat it up quickly.

Variation: If you're looking for the texture of a soft serve ice cream, follow all of the above steps except now place the ice cream in a bowl or container and place back into the freezer and allow it to refreeze. Then scoop out later and enjoy.

Suggestions for toppings: Try using any of the following to create a desired flavor of your own: almond butter, coconut butter, fresh or frozen berries, cacao powder or nibs, cinnamon, mint, vanilla bean.

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Love Street Living Foods

Operating out of Pittsburgh, P.a., Love Street Living Foods was started by Jon-Michael Kerestes back in 2007 and has been growing ever since. They offer an assortment of raw super foods, bars, spreads, supplements, oils, nut butters, and even have a line of chlorine water filters, infrared saunas, air filters, and body products.

How did Love Street Living Foods come to be what it is today?

The problem was that when I would go on road trips, and I needed to fill up the car with gas, there was nothing to eat. At the time, I was feeling the power of eating food that digested well for the first time, so comparing that to how processed food was so hard on my system, I wanted to create a line of superfood snacks people would regard as the most delicious food they've ever eaten while maintaining the purest standards.

What turned you onto to eating raw/live foods and wanted to pursue it as a business?

Tasting the food of a truly gifted raw food chef.

What makes Love Street different from the other raw food products out there?

The great thing about raw foods are that each of them are unique so it's really important for people to try as many different ones as they can put their hands on to see how they respond to that energy. Most of your readers are in agreement that processed foods are similar in that they are dead and lifeless. On the other hand, living foods are still vibrating and should be experienced like meeting new people.

Can people buy your products online? What places in the Philadelphia area carry your products?

Yes, they can buy online. In Philadelphia, if there are any stores I should be in, please let me know (I would call ahead and ask for my products because these stores are on my list because they have ordered in the past but that doesn't mean they stay stocked):

Mariposa Co-op (Philadelphia)
Essene Market & Cafe (Philadelphia)
Whole Foods Market (South St, Philadelphia)
Whole Foods Market (Penn Ave, Philadelphia)
Whole Foods Market (Wayne)

Outside the Philadelphia area:

Whole Foods Market (North Wales)
Whole Foods Market (Wynnewood)
Arnold’s Way (Lansdale)
Martindale’s Natural Market (Springfield)
Natural Acres Market (Millersburg)
To Your Health Natural Foods (Quakertown)
Healthy Alternatives (Trexlertown)
Natural Foods Store (Penndel)
As Nature Intended (Bloombsburg)

How has eating raw foods helped you? If so please fill us in.

More energy, steady sustained energy though the day, no feelings of sluggishness, better phyiscal conditioning and body tone, clear skin, deeper connection to spiritual matters, opened up new levels of thinking.

How can people contact you or learn more about your company?

Our website, where you can join our email list for discounts and new product announcements. Our blog or you can email us at

Anything else you would like to add?

Other services that Love Street offers:

1. A full line of the best chlorine water filters, air filters, infrared saunas, body products (through the website)
2. Olympic caliber personal training and health coaching (around the world)
3. A 24/7 Body Rejuvenation Program - where people come to live at Love Street and accomplish their health and fitness goals while getting a crash course on how to eat and exercise.

For more info: Love street living foods Pittsburgh, P.a. Visit their blog here or email: