Xavier Hawk on How to Make Kava

Late Friday night of the Raw Spirit east coast festival I met Xavier Hawk, musician and all around cool kat. He introduced us to kava which is a root that is crushed up and steeped in water to create a tea. Kava is known as the black pepper plant and is from the Western Pacific. It's used in ceremonies as a form of sacred communication. It's totally natural and works as a topical anesthetic which causes the tongue and stomach to go numb. It also acts as a mood enhancer and is know to open up ones heart for deeper communication.

Please be aware that it should NOT be mixed with alcohol or anti-depressants. Also do not drink it ladies if you are nursing or pregnant.

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To buy kava:

To hear Xavier's music:
http://www.xavierhawk.net NOT com ;)

Have you ever tried kava and if so, what was your experience?

Paul Nison on IBD, cacao, daylight eating, and more...

I was stoked to see Paul Nison at the Raw Spirit east coast festival. Being a fellow east coaster, Paul and I hit it off with our northeastern lingo LOL. In this interview Paul shares how he overcame IBD when he was told there was no cure, at a high risk for cancer, and that would eventually have to have his colon taken out. After 'coincidentally' moving right next to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, he was able to find the education he needed in order to heal himself.

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Paul's new book The Daylight Diet is out now and discusses the importance of eating at the right times throughout the day.

- To order the Daylight Diet:

- Watch Paul's health show: http://www.therawlifehealthshow.com

- For more information about Paul: http://www.paulnison.com

By the way, I LOVE his shirt! I can absolutely resonate with that statement. Where can I get me one of those?

Rawdawg Rory on Raw Foods

I met Rory Reese or Rawdawg Rory as he's known, at the Raw Spirit east coast festival 2009. I was immediately drawn to Rory's high energy and personality. Rory used to be overweight and suffered from chronic sinusitis. Since going raw he's lost 90 lbs. to date and has noticed a significant increase in his energy levels (like he needs anymore! - just kidding). In this video Rory discusses how he transitioned over a period of time with raw foods and his advice for beginners new to the lifestyle.

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For more info on Rawdawg Rory:

- http://www.rawdawgrory.com

- http://www.youtube.com/user/xmantidx

Autism and Raw Foods

While at the Raw Spirit festival, I spotted Sunshine Boatright and pulled her right aside to say hello. I knew Sunshine (love that name!) from online social sites and had heard about her son who has autism. I was so stoked to chat it up with her and as soon as we started talking, it was as if I'd known her for ages. She radiates warmth and energy just like her name. What a sweet woman indeed.

When Sunshine was 34 years old, she found herself overweight and out of breath. She suffered from chest pains, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome. After going raw she immediately dropped 80 lbs. without even exercising! Because of the miraculous things that happened to her, the family followed along with the program, and since then she's noticed quite an improvement in her son's cognitive abilities and more. Watch to hear the rest of her story...

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You can find out more info about Sunshine at:

Reversing illness and enhancing your life through raw foods: Jim Dee and Charles Balcer

I was fortunate enough to get an interview with these two goofballs together (I say that with love). If you've been into the raw food scene for awhile, chances are you've heard of Jim Dee, the husband of Wendi Dee, who together run the All Raw Directory and Pure Jeevan website and blog. Both of them have had tremendous results from eating a raw food diet. Jim shares his story of how he suffered from high blood pressure, acid reflux, and being overweight. For more information please visit their sites. You have to see their before and after pics on their blog, unbelievable!

- http://www.purejeevan.com/

- http://www.allrawdirectory.com/

Charles Balcer recently got back from his west coast adventure to explore the plethora of raw food restaurants and farmers markets. You can learn more about Charles on We Like it Raw or follow him on Facebook. Tell him Michelle sent ya. :)

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Relax Far Infrared Saunas

Continuing along with the video series from the Raw Spirit festival 2009 east coast; we have Philip Wilson, distributor of the Relax Far Infrared Saunas and health food store owner in Columbus, Ohio. Philip talks about how using one daily may:

- rid the body of heavy metals
- relieve pains and aches
- help recover from sports injuries

- improve circulation

- help diabetic ulcers

- good for people with blood pressure and heart problems

If you do not see the video below, please click here to view.

To learn more about the saunas, you can visit Philip's website: http://www.momentum98.com/

Have you ever used an infrared sauna and if so, what were some of the benefits you experienced? Please share your thoughts below.

Raw Chocolate Conspiracy

Hey y'all, I just want to be sure that you know this blog post contains a video below. For some reason the Peter Douglas one sent out earlier in the week (who lost nearly 100 lbs. through juice fasting) didn't show up for those of you receiving the updates via email. If you are unable to view the video please click here. And now onto the story...

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Aj Wentworth, health counselor, raw foods chef, and chocolatier at the Raw Spirit eco live food festival in Maryland. Chocolate Conspiracy only uses raw, organic, fair-trade cacao sweetened with local honey. All of their flavors are awesome, but the wild spice is my favorite! It's the perfect chocolate bar that doesn't give you the jitters, yet gives you a smooth feeling instead.

To learn more about Aj and his chocolate you can visit: http://www.eatchocolateconspiracy.com/


To learn more about the health counseling he offers:

What is your favorite way to eat chocolate?

Juice Fasting and Weight Loss

This weekend I was at the Raw Spirit festival in Maryland working for Brad's Raw Chips. I'm so thankful to have been given the opportunity by Brad Gruno. I had such a wonderful time meeting new people and listening to their inspirational stories. It was especially awesome to finally meet people face to face that I had been in communication with via social media. On the first day I met Peter Douglas, who was on day 65 of a 100 day juice fast. Peter was motivated by Philip McCluskey's story of transformation from morbid obesity...

I love love love fresh green juices, especially with my favorite supplements.

What's your favorite vegetable juice?