Making Fresh Juice with a Blender in under 5 minutes!

Juicing can be extremely healing for the body. Drinking fresh unpasteurized juices can help aid in detoxification, relieve water retention, and flush the system of toxins. As much as we know it's good for us, I hear the same things all of the time like, "I don't have time, there's too much clean up, and I can't juice anyways because I don't even have a juicer." Hey I agree, me neither. Heck, I don't like to disassemble that thing and wash each part by hand, let it dry, and then try and put it back together. That's just too much work for me. I'm all about simplicity.

Juicing in a blender is a cinch and it can be done under 5 minutes. Watch my how to video below to learn how to do it yourself. The only requirements are that you have a high speed blender like a vita-mix or blendtec . You can try to use a department store blender, but I'm not guaranteeing great results, worth a try though. You will also need a nut milk/sprouting bag. A little secret of mine, I like to get them at a hardware store like a Home Depot. They're much cheaper and basically the same thing except it's called a 1 gallon nylon mesh paint strainer bag.

So will all of this in mind, my question to you is: Which do you prefer to use on a regular basis? A juicer or blender and why?


Ingrid said...

Hi Michelle!

Great post! Using a high-speed blender is a great alternative method for making fresh juice. Personally, I prefer using my juicer. I have made fresh yummy juice with Vita-Mix, and would certainly use it again if a juicer wasn't available.