How to Make Fresh and Delicious Almond Milk Recipe

Many people have developed severe allergies to cow's milk and soy milk, making almond milk a great alternative to both. I'm highly allergic to pasteurized cow's milk and suffered for a number of years from chronic sinus infections and eczema. You can purchase almond milk already packaged in your local health food store, but it is pasteurized and a great deal of the nutrients are diminished in the process. You can easily make your own fresh batch at home with a nut milk bag, cheese cloth, or a personal favorite of mine, 1 gallon nylon mesh paint strainer bag. A commercial blender like a Vita-Mix is ideal but a half way decent department store model will do for the time being. I do recommend purchasing a Vita-Mix as it lasts a long time and can make everything to raw ice creams, soups, dressings, pâtés, smoothies, juices and much more. And it's very easy to clean!

You can use the almond milk as a base for your favorite smoothies, soups and even as creamer for teas. It's sure to sweeten things up and add variety which is key to succeeding with eating more living foods. Almond milk is cholesterol free and contains high levels of omega fatty acids and protein. Almonds also contain a rich source of vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, potassium, fiber, phosphorus, iron, and calcium are among the other vitamins and minerals in this powerhouse of a drink, helping aid everything from your bones to your blood. Be sure to soak your almonds overnight to allow the enzyme inhibitors to be released. Also make sure to discard of the water they were soaking in and use fresh instead. Please enjoy a personal recipe of mine below.

Fresh and delicious almond milk

1 cup raw almonds soaked

3 cups filtered water

raw agave nectar to taste

sea salt to taste

1. Place 1 cup raw almonds in bowl and soak at least 6 hours or overnight in water.

2. Blend 3 cups water and soaked almonds (drained of soaking water) until thoroughly blended.

3. Strain the milk through a nutbag or cheesecloth into a large pitcher.

4. Rinse blender and put the strained milk with the agave and sea salt back in the blender. Blend once more and enjoy!

Optional: Add fresh vanilla bean or extract to jazz things up. Try experimenting with other flavors for a change. Add 3 Tablespoons of cacao powder for chocolate milk or a pint of strawberries for strawberry milk.

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