Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Almond butter, coconut, banana ice cream topped w/ fresh white nectarines

Nowadays we don't even need to be concerned about still being able to enjoy our favorite pastime foods. Ice cream, mint chocolate chip in particular was something I enjoyed immensely. Since going vegan seven and a half years ago, I haven't missed it since. In fact I love the banana ice cream so much, that I wanted to share the simplicity of it with you. Cool off with this simple and refreshing recipe, even for the novice.

Banana Ice Cream


2 bananas frozen, with peel off

1. Take bananas out of the freezer and place on counter, allowing to thaw for 15 minutes or until soft enough to be able to cut in 1 inch chunks.

2. Place the cut up chunks in the food processor and turn on. The mixture should start to whip up and come together. If the processor has trouble moving the mixture then you will need to allow the bananas more time to thaw off. You should end up with a creamy whipped consistency. You can either scoop out as is from here or add your additional toppings. Serve and enjoy immediately. Remember it's not like traditional ice cream where you can leave it out for a while. It will start to melt, so eat it up quickly.

Variation: If you're looking for the texture of a soft serve ice cream, follow all of the above steps except now place the ice cream in a bowl or container and place back into the freezer and allow it to refreeze. Then scoop out later and enjoy.

Suggestions for toppings: Try using any of the following to create a desired flavor of your own: almond butter, coconut butter, fresh or frozen berries, cacao powder or nibs, cinnamon, mint, vanilla bean.

What to do now?

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