How to Open a Young Coconut

Ok, we've all been there before, scratching our heads asking how the hell do I open this thing up! Unlike it's mature version though, the young coconut cannot be broken with a few blows to the cement. It takes a little skill and proper aim to crack this baby open. All very easy once you see it done below.

Until recently, coconuts have gotten a bad wrap in the mainstream media. Bashed for being high in saturated fat, the truth is finally coming forth about the many advantages of this delightful nut (or seed or fruit depending on which information you read, though I'm leaning towards fruit). Yes they contain saturated fat, but what sets coconuts aside from the rest of the bad fat foods is that it contains medium chain triglycerides (good fats), which do not contribute to raising cholesterol or inducing heart disease.

To provide you with extra incentive on why you should become familiar with this gift from the gods, I've listed a few on the health benefits from eating coconuts below. To read a more in depth study on how coconuts are being used to fight disease and infection you may read further here.

* Rich in lauric acid (medium chain fatty acid)
* Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal

* Consumed by thyroid suffers to aide in weight loss
and boost the metabolism

* Excellent moisturizer for the skin and hair
(One of my favorites!)

I know plenty of you have a funny or disastrous story attempting to open one up. Go ahead and share your experiences below.

What is your favorite way/recipe to eat a coconut?

Mine is plain and simple, blend the water and 'meat' together for a creamy shake with a pinch of sea salt and fresh vanilla bean. Ah, now that's the life.
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