New to Raw Foods

This weekend I hosted a raw food potluck at Cyndee's house. I met her a few months back over the summer when she had just started eating raw. Since then it's been 4 months for her and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do an interview about any struggles or health improvements she's experienced with eating live foods.

We also get into the term 100% raw and what people on the outside may perceive of the all or nothing dogma that is often promoted in the raw food world, how she was able to eliminate painful PMS and chest congestion, what is the master cleanse, and places where you can connect with other raw foodies online.

Hang around until the end of the video to watch a short clip of Cyndee's performance. She's a classically trained violinist but in an unorthodox way. It was a nice treat midway through the potluck to hear live entertainment from a true 'rawsician' lol. To hear more of her music please check out her site.

What are some challenges you find yourself facing and have you found ways to overcome them?

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