Rawdawg Rory on Raw Foods

I met Rory Reese or Rawdawg Rory as he's known, at the Raw Spirit east coast festival 2009. I was immediately drawn to Rory's high energy and personality. Rory used to be overweight and suffered from chronic sinusitis. Since going raw he's lost 90 lbs. to date and has noticed a significant increase in his energy levels (like he needs anymore! - just kidding). In this video Rory discusses how he transitioned over a period of time with raw foods and his advice for beginners new to the lifestyle.

If you do not see the video below, please click here to view.

For more info on Rawdawg Rory:

- http://www.rawdawgrory.com

- http://www.youtube.com/user/xmantidx
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