Raw Chocolate Conspiracy

Hey y'all, I just want to be sure that you know this blog post contains a video below. For some reason the Peter Douglas one sent out earlier in the week (who lost nearly 100 lbs. through juice fasting) didn't show up for those of you receiving the updates via email. If you are unable to view the video please click here. And now onto the story...

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Aj Wentworth, health counselor, raw foods chef, and chocolatier at the Raw Spirit eco live food festival in Maryland. Chocolate Conspiracy only uses raw, organic, fair-trade cacao sweetened with local honey. All of their flavors are awesome, but the wild spice is my favorite! It's the perfect chocolate bar that doesn't give you the jitters, yet gives you a smooth feeling instead.

To learn more about Aj and his chocolate you can visit: http://www.eatchocolateconspiracy.com/


To learn more about the health counseling he offers:

What is your favorite way to eat chocolate?
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