Reversing illness and enhancing your life through raw foods: Jim Dee and Charles Balcer

I was fortunate enough to get an interview with these two goofballs together (I say that with love). If you've been into the raw food scene for awhile, chances are you've heard of Jim Dee, the husband of Wendi Dee, who together run the All Raw Directory and Pure Jeevan website and blog. Both of them have had tremendous results from eating a raw food diet. Jim shares his story of how he suffered from high blood pressure, acid reflux, and being overweight. For more information please visit their sites. You have to see their before and after pics on their blog, unbelievable!



Charles Balcer recently got back from his west coast adventure to explore the plethora of raw food restaurants and farmers markets. You can learn more about Charles on We Like it Raw or follow him on Facebook. Tell him Michelle sent ya. :)

If you do not see the video below, please click here to view.

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